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About the comic i guess i was too confident about it. It turn out that i can't continue it because it's too hard for me in summer vacation to thing that's why i deleted the sixth chapter. So i guess this is the end.

Here are the links to the chapters:
  Hacked World (V1) 'The beginning of the end'Chapter 1
‘When we were younger we used to play together all the time - she was my best friend until those two came’
‘Where should I go now I can’t just run forever’ as Yami thinking an old building appears before her. In order to escape those bullies whit knifes she go inside the house. When she looked around there was no exit
-holy shit-Yamii whispered. In this moment the boys came inside
-I got to hide somewhere- she go towards the closest room.
-Come on she got to be somewhere her there is no exit from this house and I have the filing she already realize that - both of them start searching for Yamii. After some time she received a message from unknown number ‘if you want to live listen to me. Right behind you there is a window- open it. There have to be an old bus- jump on it. And run as fast as you can…I’ll take care of this.’ Yamii had no choice but to follow the instructions.
Hacked World (V1) The beginning of the end Chapter 2
Old Friend
Yamii’s phone ringing. ’Who the heck call me in 3 pm. Huh is Tamiko. What does she want?’
-Hey I’m sorry for calling you this late but after I see this think in the news it remained me of you. So do you know anything about it like how create it?
-Sorry but I don’t want you to be involved in this so bye.
-Yamii wait!
‘I can do it by myself so there was no need in telling her. Right?’

-Ah I finally sleep. - Yamii get out of her bed and get ready for school. After all she got to go no matter what even if she had more important things to do.
-ah today was tired as ever. Oh…look I have a message from an unknown number again. It may be the same person.-she opened her phone and check it.
‘You could at least tank me for saving your ass the other day.’ ’I would if the number wasn’t deleted from my phone. Anyway thx for saving me.’
Hacked World (V1) The beginning of the endChapter 3
-Do you know who that was?
-I wish I know. Sorry.
-Don’t worry. Is not a big deal if you want we’ll find him?
-No now I want to talk to you about something way more important.
-I’m listening.
-Is about the virus. I think Dax create it.
-How did you know? (Shock)
-After you hang up the other day it wasn’t so hard to realize it.
-Huh…now I wish I didn’t hang up. But I can’t reverse time. Now the important thing. Please don’t tell anyone about it is about your own safety.
-But don’t you have to do something about it. Like an antivirus program or something.
-No. This is not our problem. Please don’t do anything.
-Fine, fine just don’t get any angrier. I won’t.
-Thanks. So why did you was alone in this magazine? Why haven’t you were whit Ran?
-Ah….We have a fight and he drive away to clear his mind.
-But you were in danger why don’t you call him.
: Hacked World (V1) The beginning of the end 
Chapter 4
Breaking promise
-As I told you he is whit some bad organization who is trying to destroy everything
-I don’t believe you. He won’t do something like that. They got to manipulate him.
-Maybe, but if it is like that we got to save him.
-NO...if it’s like that we definitely can’t save him.
-But we got to stop them somehow.
-Yamii I know that you promise someone to not get involved in this but we need to do something think about Dax he don’t even know that someone manipulate him.
-How did you know about the message?
-Your phone is open I just happened to take a look.
-Is that so? Then OK I’ll help you.
-Yay. Shadow team in action.
-I don’t like that can’t we don’t have a name.
-Yeah I agree with her.
-Fine (sad).

-So now let’s start research.
Someone got message.
-Ah is my phone
: Hacked World (V1) The beginning of the endChapter 5
Let the mission began
-Yeah. But you’re the only one of us who can.
-That’s not quite true. You two can help me as well.
-Alright. Just say we’ll do it.
-OK. For now please just let me begin whit the process and I’ll let you know what to do later.
-OK. How much time do you need?
-I guess I’ll be ready in a week.
They start creating a plan and after it was done they separate again to do they’re part of the mission.
… After a few days…
‘Finally I’m done now the only thing I want is to rest’
As Yamii things her phone reserved a message.
‘Huh...him again. I thought he won’t text me again after I break the promise.’
‘Hey are you stupid I thought I told you not to create anything against this organization’
‘Sooooo you know that I created something and you know why. Now could you please tell me how did you know?’
‘Oh shit forget about

Hope you like it!


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